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applying to college as a homeschooler

I've been homeschooled since the end of elementary school (I'm a sophomore in high school right now). I've done lot's of ECs (I do ballet, I did orchestra until 2019, but I still play violin, I used to serve at church for 6 yrs until 2020, I did choir and aikido).

I am planning to take the SAT and AP tests, along with a CLEP or two and the ACT. I want to get into a college with a 25% acceptance rate. I will be preparing to go to med school.

How do I get into selective colleges as a homeschooler? What can I do to make me look like a good applicant? Thank you.

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2 years ago

Hi! I would start by quickly saying that you should pick either the SAT or the ACT and focus on studying for one of the tests. It isn't helpful to spend time preparing for two different types of tests, when you could focus on mastering one. I recently did a livestream on deciding between the two so be sure to check that out in our livestream recordings. As for applying as a homeschooler and standing out, I would give the same advice I give to anyone, when youre applying to selective schools which acceptance rates below 25%, you want to be at the very top for grades and test score. This means having as high of a gpa as possible and highest test scores possible. This level will vary from school to school but think 3.8+ gpa and 32+ act score. You also want to showcase your ECs and think about what your spikes are and how to communicate them. We have a bunch of livestreams about getting into elite schools so be sure to check them out under livestream recordings.

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