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Can anyone help with my extracurriculars? Pre-dental student in high school!! :)

Hello! Currently, I'm a high schooler getting ready to start my junior year of high school. Luckily, amidst my college researching, I found collegevine and decided to try out their services. After filling out my high school info and everything, I realized that my extracurriculars are not nearly as strong enough as they should be to be (possibly) accepted into my dream schools (some of which include the University of Pennslyvania, Vanderbilt University, and Stanford would be my ABSOLUTE dream schools). I'm writing to ask for any suggestions for how I could improve my extracurriculars to have a better chance of getting accepted. So here's some more info to get a better image of my general profile. I am ranked 7/403 at my high school. I received an 1150 (560M/590RW) on the psat I took in 10th grade (I didn't study bc I knew it would not count for the national competition, but I AM studying to hopefully get 1450 on the psat when I retake it in my junior year). I've been taking the hardest classes available to me, and will complete around 10 honors classes and 7 AP classes before I graduate. As for my future plans, I plan to major in something health/bio-related in undergrad, then go to dental school after that. So, my main concern about my extracurriculars is having something dental or healthcare-related. Please let me know of any ideas. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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Concerning your SAT score, you should aim for a 1500+ to have a very competitive profile for your dream schools. I would consider taking the "real" SAT in 11th grade if you can.

Your classes and class rank seem fine; you should focus on maintaining that. Also, keep challenging yourself with even harder classes!

As you are bio-oriented, I think you should consider doing some research during your junior year. If you don't have the opportunity to, you could just create a social media (a YouTube channel, a blog, etc) to promote science or to explain complex concepts in an engaging, simple way. That's just an idea, I'm sure there are even better ones, especially if you come up with them yourself! (They'd be more personal.)

I hope this helps!

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I’d also recommend taking the SAT/ACT junior year instead of PSAT.

A general ideas are a blog where you could write about why dentalists are important and doesn’t have to be a med journal. I use google sites and it’s completely free.

And from my expierence as you want to go bio/health for undergrad you might want to broaden your horizons a bit to health areas in general and not just densitry some of the good ones are volunteer in a nursing/retirement home or even a hospital HOSA life guarding during summer. And you could gain densitry expierence in college via volunteering, taking densitry emphasis classes etc.

Though also you want to be careful of overdoing health extracurriculars as demonstrated in the video


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