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Ethnicity on Application

I am applying for college this year, and while filling out my common application app, I was asked what my race/ethnicity was. I am Blasian, but appearance wise, I am African American. Would my chances of acceptance be greater if I label myself as only black or black and Asian?

Thank you!

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a year ago

It's completely up to you but Asian admissions are very competitive so maybe African American would serve you better. Multiracial would be the most accurate category and they likely wouldn't admit you as an Asian or an African American because multiracial is a separate category and is still easier than Asian. They can't really correct you and tell you what your race is because they ask for what you identify as so if you identify as only one of your races you could put that. If it were me, I would choose multiracial or African American.

a year ago

I don't think that should matter. Just tell them what's most true which appears to be that you're multiracial. If you're curious you could play around with the chancing profile but that should not change your response to this section.


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