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Any good schools for Public Relations or Communications?

I am currently a rising senior and am planning on majoring in Public Relations or Communications. I am mainly looking for schools in the South, Midwest or Northeastern Parts of the US, and am also looking for mid-large size schools as well. Hopefully this helps!

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Modern technologies allow communicating with people throughout the world, but a lot of people feel lonely. That's why I've decided to study at the University of Nothern California at Communication and Public Relations department. The studying is hard, but there are many resources such as https://phdessay.com/a-reaction-paper-on-connected-but-alone/ that provides a lot of information. I want to help people to find friends or interlocutors using modern apps, devices and so on.

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2 years ago

https://www.niche.com/colleges/search/best-colleges-for-communications/ you can use this to filter specifications for communications

https://www.niche.com/colleges/search/best-colleges-for-communications/ this one is for pr

Penn State, Auburn, U of Florida, Syracuse, Washington St. Louis, and Duquesne are all good options for you. Penn State, Auburn, and Florida all have large student bodies and good athletics. Syracuse would be a bit smaller, but similar to the previous three. Duquesne is a medium size school in Pittsburgh with some well regarded programs and connections. Wash U is the most prestigious of the ones listed, and is considered an eilite school.

8 months ago

You Should go to Norwell High School. I'm not Graduated From there but have seen their Students are very Good at Public Dealings. Although there would be some burden of work with the assignments but you can pay for the assignment online such as https://www.essaypandas.com/essay-writing-service


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