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Are all of the in and out of state tuitions up to date?


I am looking at Boise State University and it is saying, on your website, that it is $24,000 in state but when I googled it, it was $7,000. If that could be elaborated for me that would be great. Thank you!


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So Collegevine is estimating the net price which is different because it factors in books, room, and other accommodations. So while the tuition is $7,000, you still have other things you will end up paying for. This is why some people throw around the $70k price when they talk about the Ivy League even though tuition is "only" $50k.

THank you so much for that clarification
Also, the financial aid is pretty wrong as it does not really count merit aid as a school I had a chat with had a way where if you have a 30 ACT and GPA of 3.75+ you get around about an automatic 15k/year but CV says I will receive no merit aid. Best way for estimating costs is use net price calculator for each school you are interested in