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Regarding Literary Analysis Paper.


The university I applied for (honors college) has asked me to write a literary analysis paper(A full-length academic writing sample: 3-5 page literary analysis paper with a central thesis and strong supporting arguments). I had written an essay previously on Shakespeare's hamlet in the following way:

"The following is the literary analysis essay about King Claudius, the villain in Shakespeare's play Hamlet, which is provided below. Claudius can be regarded as sad, but not necessarily sympathetic, according to this persuasive thesis. Claudius' soliloquy in Act III of the play is used in this sample Shakespeare essay to demonstrate that he expresses sorrow for his deeds but is too preoccupied with his material possessions to repent. "

Thesis Statement:

" At the end of Hamlet, King Claudius has lost everything. The new king of Denmark, Fortinbras, does not even recognize the previous monarch but gives Hamlet the warrior's funeral (V, ii, 381). The audience, on the other hand, does not feel sorry for Claudius; instead, they are relieved that the evil has been beaten. Claudius was a greedy, crafty man, yet Shakespeare depicted him as a complex, "grey" figure, neither fully good nor completely wicked. Claudius is a fascinating figure to observe because of this trait, and he provides a unique case study on how a guy who makes horrible judgments may lose himself in the process. Claudius' demise serves as a cautionary tale for those who wish to perform heinous and unnatural acts. "

But I'm wondering if this can be a literary analysis paper.

Thank you.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Prima2792 years ago

It is the starting passage. In this essay I've mainly written about Claudius(The Villain of the story). I've added the thesis statement to the question. Not specifically a character analysis paper but I am asking if this can be used as a literary essay and thank you for your response.

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2 years ago

This could certainly be considered a literary analysis paper, and a well written one at that! It has a thesis and conveys an argument about the text by analyzing key lines and aspects of the plot.

I would recommend reviewing your paper before submitting it to make sure that your analysis is specific enough. The meat of your paper should involve sentences which prove your central argument that Shakespeare depicts Claudius as a "grey" figure.

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