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Is helping rearranging application form in the admission process of high school counts as a EC?

My high school has a special admission requirements compare to other high school in my city (HCMC, Vietnam). Students who wants to enroll in my school need to submit another separate application form, and some students, who must be recommend by our teacher, to have a role in the process. We have several things to do: some will introduce our school to parents and guide them or their children to fill in the form, some will collect those forms, some will type the applicants' information into a file and print it out, then the forms will be arranged in alphabetical orders and so on. It seems so different to the EC in my mind, so I don't know if it's a kind of EC that I should put it in my CV.


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2 years ago

So you can put it under ECs but put its as helping out counselors or student assistants on registration day but don’t add it if you only do it for less than 10 hours a year as that is kinda adding it just because.

I would not put it as registarating students because of stigma but that is your call and in my mind as a guess it would fit under community service tier H or F as a guesstimate.


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