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Does Dual Enrollment with Community College count as a similar weight to the AP/IB classes?

I will be a senior in the fall. I am currently technically homeschooled as I am in a very rigorous trainee ballet program. All of my classes, however, are done with my local community college. When filling out my profile on collegevine, it said that my course rigor was questionable because I had zero AP/IB but I was under the impression that college classes were just as good, if not better. Can somebody clarify this? Thanks!

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I actually haven't heard what the other respondent has answered. I've been told colleges typically prefer AP classes over Community College classes because of more standardization in the difficulty. They're probably fairly equal but I highly doubt they're seen as more valuable than AP classes because they can't account for the rigor. I would trust CVs chancing because they're the experts and they know what the data says. I will say however that since you're homeschooled, Dual-enrollment is probably the highest possible difficulty in your context and colleges will account for that.

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So CVs system is a bit wonky but yes dual enrollment is (generally) more impressive than AP IB classes. But did you put them under the dual enrollment classes if that is not working I’d recomend you add 20% to total number of dual enrollment classes and put it under AP IB classes so you get a better chancing algorithm


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