2 years ago
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Can I increase my 4.72 gpa to a 4.8 (w)?

In 3 semesters, do you think I have a chance to increase my gpa 0.08 points?

Some stats for more context:

credit hours: 316.74

I am taking around 50 credit hours this semester (which I'm not counting in the "3" semesters, so technically I have 4 semesters left).

I really want to get a 4.8 GPA


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Accepted Answer
2 years ago

The best way for you to determine this is to use a GPA calculator. I recommend this one:https://www.calculator.net/gpa-calculator.html?grcCurrentGPA=4.72&grcTargetGPA=4.8&grcCurrentCredit=316.74&grcAdditionalCredit=200&ftype=2&x=49&y=35#gpaplanning .

Doing it quickly for you, to achieve a target GPA of 4.8, the GPA for the next 200 credits needs to be 4.927 or higher. If this is a possible GPA for you, awesome! But as is, your GPA is going to look stellar to colleges because a weighted GPA that high means you took some really hard classes and did well.

2 years ago[edited]

First of all, what difference will it make if you have a 4.72 or 4.8 Weighted GPA.

You are going to be evaluated against your peers at your school and school district and 99.9% of colleges only care about your Unweighted GPA on a 4.0 scale and if your school has 5, 6, 7, 8, 11 pt scale they will normalize it to a 4.0 scale. Unless your school grades on 100.00 pt scale and they will pretty much leave that alone. Some college like Stanford will throw out your 9th grade GPA and focus mainly on your 10th/11th grades. And other schools like the UC system will re-calculate your gpa as a UC GPA based on the your unweighted grades and course rigor.

99% of the College Vine members will not know what 316.74 credit hours means since most of them only get 1 Unit or 1 Credit for each full year course. So most student transcripts use different scales like needing 25 credits to graduate. Also no one here is taking 50 credits per semester unless they go your school.

Good luck with getting a 4.8 but in the context of all the things you need to worry about to get into a top school, your weighted GPA is not going to be nearly as important and your UWGPA and the totality of your course rigor including Honors, APS, (or IBS) or Cambridge, Dual Enrollment or College courses you took.

2 years ago

Lots of schools recalculate GPA so this exact number likely won't be used. I don't want to sound rude, but your GPA is already really good, so I don't think you'll have much to worry about. a 4.72 to a 4.8 really won't make that much of a difference to my knowledge

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