2 years ago
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Questions for Math and Computer science ECs

Grade :9

School type : Homeschooled

International applicant from India

I have few questions:

1. If I were able to reach USACO Platinum (not saying I will) which colleges will consider it as a good award(except MIT/Caltech). Will UChicago/Dartmouth/Harvard/other T20s consider it as a good award.

2. What will they think of me peer tutoring in a platform like Schoolhouse . world (I am about to start that)?

3. I am currently doing intermediate algebra on Art of problem solving and plan to do more advanced classes with them . Will this be considered as EC because they are much more fast paced and advanced than my IGCSEs

4. I want to study advanced maths so joining a dual enrolment program like Stanford’s latter into my high school career considered good ?

5. Are internationals in a disadvantage in need blind schools like HYP and Dartmouth( International applicants are at a disadvantage in MIT).

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Accepted Answer
2 years ago

Yes for 1,2,3, and 4.

Most colleges will definitely see USASCO platinum as something really great. Although chances for a lot of the T20s might still not be great, you will almost surely get into state colleges as long as your grades and ECs are good.

Peer tutoring is also great as it shows that you care about the community and want to give back.

Although Art of Algebra can be considered as an EC, and will definitely boost you academically, I would also suggest finding atleast one non-academic EC (ex: robotics, nonprofits, app-building,art) because colleges would love to see that you are involved outside of school

Dual enrollment courses are great! They show that you can handle a rigorous college style environment. Math courses are also known to be hard, so if you can take one at Stanford, that would be great! Also be on the lookout to take AP courses if you can and try to get 5s on the tests, colleges really like that, especially the T20s.

I’m not very sure about the last one, but I believe that if there is a disadvantage, it will be very small. If you are Harvard,Stanford, or T20 material in general, then they will want you to go to sphere school. You being international will not be a deal breaker if a T20 thinks you’d be a fit for their school. Hope this helps,

2 years ago

1. All of the colleges you are applying to will consider USACO Platinum to be an impressive award. You could call it a Tier 1 award based on CollegeVine's criteria

2. Colleges will appreciate your peer tutoring experience, especially since you are starting early in your high school career.

3. Your Art of Problem Solving class can be counted as an EC, and you can mention it on your EC list. Make sure to list a few non-academic extracurriculars as well as hobbies that aren't related to STEM to balance out your list.

4. Colleges will definitely be impressed by a dual enrollment program.

5. International students are not at a disadvantage as a whole. You may experience a slight disadvantage, however, because you are applying from India - the home country of a large number of applicants to US universities. International applicants from less common countries have a slight advantage.

Hope this helps!

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