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11 months ago
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Any suggestions on remote summer internship and research opportunities for high school juniors, 2020?

I am a high school junior at Mexico City and internships here, even without considering the current pandemic, are impossible to find. I am interested in physics/astronomy/astrophysics/mathematics/economics. Do you have any ideas of research or internship opportunities I may be able to get for summer 2020?

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11 months ago

Hi! Although I'm not from the area so I'm not aware of anything, I reccomend talking to someone about it like a science teacher. Also, if theres a company/business in your area with a focus on these interests, you might do a cold call and be able to get an internship, even if they aren't advertising for one. I wanted to get an internship this summer at a business I am interested in, and they had nothing available on their website, but when I called them they said they could work something out and I got an internship. Basically just be super proactive. It will probably backfire sometimes, but it will pay off in the end.

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11 months ago

I would suggest you try volunteering virtually for the American Red Cross.


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