2 years ago
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What scholarships do you know that are for international students looking to study undergrad at the US or Canada?

I am a junior and I am aware it is too early, but I wanted to see if any of you know of scholarship opportunities that are recurring. I can be aware of them now, and apply for them as soon as applications open.

Some background about me that may be relevant: from Argentina (ie. Latina/Hispanic), junior student, female, interested in economics, mathematics, physics, and astrophysics (ie. several STEM fields). Weighted GPA: 98.76 (out of 100). Combination of IB HL classes and AP classes.


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2 years ago

A lot of international scholarships are from individual schools/universities though some women in STEM scholarships may be open to international applicants but that varies. The underrepresented minorities (Latinx) are typically only available to US residents though that may not be the case across the board.

You should also look for any organizations in your country that help fund international study there may be some.

Also I don’t know your profile but if you have a decent shot at ivy caliber schools about HALF of the ivy plus schools (which include the ivies, northwestern, Vandy, mit and a few other schools) will meet full need for international applicants but that’s half of the ivy caliber schools and all have below 20% admit rate (I pretty confident of that)

Though that said there are almost no international scholarship organizations for any school in the US.

Hope this helps!


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