4 years ago
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I need some advice on my EC's, can you help?

I was wondering how impressive my extracurricular profile looks like, and can you tell what my spike is?:

- Programmed Applications: my apps have been featured in the Play Store

- Started non-profit for my apps

- Made a programming workshop over the summer for elementary students (with money made from apps) free of cost - 30 participants attended the workshop

- Blog about programming/computer science/computer engineering - gets 1,000 views per year

- I also tutor my siblings on the weekend

My spike is: Programming

Does the workshop thing over the summer seem a bit random compared to my other accomplishments?

And do you think it's necessary to try to aim to be on the Computer Olympiad team or do competitive programming to show how strong I am in programming?


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4 years ago

Hi! Your extra curriculars look very strong! To answer your question, the summer workshop does not seem random, it actually looks like one of your strongest because it shows leadership. My advice is that while colleges do want a spike, they also want a bit of variety. Maybe explore some more of your interests, while still focusing on programming. For example, I want to go in to pediatric medicine, so I have several hundred volunteer hours working with children. I also mainly have science extra curriculars. That being said, I also participate in creative writing workshops. I love to write and this shows a whole new side of me. I hope this helps!

4 years ago

Your extracurriculars are very strong. I would say that the workshop it not irrelevant or random, but rather shows how you used your talent for programming to contribute and give back to the community. This shows leadership and initiative. As for joining a team, I'm not sure if it is necessary, but it would definitely show your passion and commitment to being a programmer.

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