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Cornell interviews 2026

I am hearing conflicting advice about Cornell interviews this application cycle. One student says they've been asked to interview. On the Cornell website it says you have to ask for an interview but when I follow their advice in that page - see quote below -I see no way to ask for one.

:applicants can indicate their interest through their Cornell-specific Application Status Page (information on how to set up the Application Status Page will be provided to applicants after their application to Cornell is processed). Our CAAAN members will prioritize those applicants who have indicated an interest first and foremost."

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2 years ago[edited]

Hi @Teatown! @HelloHome did a great job of answering your question, so I have nothing else to add! Just wanted to share some additional resources to help you when prepping for interviews:

Tips to ace your college interview

More tips to ace your college interview

Interview questions to prepare for

But since the interview is not super formal and is more to get to know school, take it easy and don't over-practice! Just use it as an opportunity to share more about yourself and learn more about Cornell!

Hope that helps, and good luck!!

2 years ago[edited]

Since Cornell is a collection of different colleges and schools on the same campus, it makes sense that some programs may require interviews while others may not/or totally optional.

For instance, I know that if you are applying to the School of Architecture, they require both an interview and a portfolio. But I do not think the School of Arts and Science requires an interview. But other schools like the School of Hotel Mgmt or Dyson or the Agra school might offer interviews but they are completely optional.

Here is a Cornell Blog post of about interviews which is consistent with what I just wrote here:


The bottom like is that only if you want to be an architect do you need to worry about this.

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