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Should I do this passion project?

Hi I want to be a bio or psych major and interested in going to pre med in the future but right now I am interested in starting a lip gloss business. The only other EC I have is playing the drums because I have to help my brother with his work. Do you think I can start this business even though it doesn’t aline with my intended major?


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a year ago

Hi Alicia! I believe you should start your business especially if you're passionate about it. Though helpful, your passions don't have to aline with your intended major. Colleges want to see the things you're interested in and the amount of dedication you have toward them. You can definitely be interested in multiple things at once. If you're passionate about something, show that passion! Good luck on your lip gloss business! You got this. :)

a year ago

So I love debate (humanities) but I want to be an engineer (STEM) but I tied them together with a quote like

Debate has encouraged me to look at issues from multiple angles as such as an engineer I will look at engineering task from multiple prospective so I can best solve the problem.

If you tie in a buisness to physchology that is great but really only the top 50 schools really care about EC Major ties almost all others just care about leadership you are an owner and commitment to it

Schools tied for 104 include

Oregon Tennessee South Carolina and Houston if I remember correctly so good schools are not always top 50

Hope this helps!


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