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Ideal SAT/ACT scores for someone interested in medicine?

I am not the stronger test-taker for standardized testing, but I want to do everything I can to get a score that will get me into a competitive school for med school in the future. Any tips for the tests would be great.

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4 years ago

Your SAT/ACT score won't make or break your chances of getting into med school since you'll have to take the MCAT for that. Ideally, though, you should aim for at least a 1500 on the SAT or at least a 33 on the ACT to put you at a competitive school for your undergrad. With that being said, a lower score can still get you admission into top schools so long as you have a well-rounded application: i.e., good essays, supportive letters of recommendation, strong extra-curricular activities, etc.

Here are some tips on how to ace the SAT/ACT:

1. Find out which test works for you. Some people are great at both, while others seem to do better at either the SAT or the ACT. The best way to figure out which one you're better at is to take practice tests. Use an SAT-ACT score conversion chart to see which score is "higher" and from there you can focus on that type of test. Keep in mind that the ACT has a science section while the SAT does not.

2. Prepare using your resources! If you go to a test prep class, make sure you're paying attention and taking note of strategies that can help. If you have a test prep book, read it. If you have Internet access, use it. A great tool for prepping for the SAT is Khan Academy. (You can also connect this to your CollegeBoard account and be entered for scholarships when you prep using Khan Academy.)

3. Take practice tests! Set aside time every other week to take a full-length practice test. Try to simulate an actual test as much as possible by adhering to the time limits and prohibiting use of electronic devices. Evaluate your score at the end and go back through any questions you missed. (There's no point in taking a practice test if you don't learn from your mistakes.)

4. Know the timing of your test. The SAT tends to be more generous with time (i.e. more time per question) compared to the ACT. Be sure to time yourself whenever taking a practice test.

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