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I have a low gpaand it’s my senior year. It like a 1.9 because I got covid and got really sick my 10 and 11th grade of high school and I was in an out of hospitals because of covid. I really want to go to a STEM based university, are tips to or possibility of getting there. I’m getting a lot of people saying I should avoid a private college or university and just focus on community school, however that is my last option and I want to try before I resort to that.

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Getting accepted to a 4-year degree program is still possible! Colleges review all applications holistically, meaning that they take context into account. What they look for is not always set grades and test scores, but rather, evidence that you have tried your best to utilize all of the educational resources at your disposal. I would recommend for you to apply to the colleges and universities originally on your list, and if you do, be sure to do two things:

1) In the Additional Information section of the Common App/Coalition/Independent site, explain how dealing with COVID-19 made it challenging for you to exceed in the classroom.

2) Try the best you can now that you are feeling better to receive good grades in rigorous classes this semester. Also, try to an SAT/ACT score that is comparable to the scores of the top 25% of admitted applicants. Exceeding in other areas of academics will make up for your GPA.

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2 years ago

Even though you said community school is your last resort, you could study there for a semester or two and then transfer the credits from the community school to a bigger four-year school. In doing that, your new GPA and grades would be the GPA and grades you received in the community school instead of in high school. That way, you would still graduate with a degree from a more prominent name school instead of a community school, and you would get a break on how much you are paying because the community school is cheaper than a four year bigger name school.

For example:

If you live in California, you could apply and take a semester or two at any county school/community school. Once you have a solid grade and GPA and have taken the classes you want, you can transfer, and you could transfer the credits you took to a four-year university in the state that accepts those transfer credits.

But, you could also apply to the school you want to go to and see if you get accepted. Many schools in their applications now have an option that in submitting your application, you can write an essay on how covid has affected you, and you can write about how it has affected your personal and school life.

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