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How helpful is attending competitions and what competitions should I attend? I currently interested in graphic design, so are there any design competitions I can take part in?


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2 years ago[edited]

A small one I know of is a cover art competition for a magazine called Polyphony Lit. It opens July 1st. There's no entry fee.

2 years ago

Hi! I don’t know of graphic design competitions specifically, but there are 2 huge art/writing competitions with several categories including graphic design. I have entered one of these for poetry and plan to enter the other one soon. The first is the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and the second is Youngarts. Both are very prestigious and have amazing opportunities, workshops, and cash prizes. They both have entry fees (not very much) but you can get a few waiver. I have prepared a small portfolio for Youngarts, and I would highly recommend doing the same. The deadline for Scholastic is in December and for Youngarts is in October. Hope this helps!


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