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Should I take Spanish 4 H?

I'm currently taking Spanish 3 as a freshman, have a 98%, but really dislike it. Our graduation requirement is 3 years of a language, but apparently 4 is more impressive to colleges? I'm not sure if I should continue for another year when I could be taking an even more impressive class like an AP. Also, I heard that Harvard wants 4 years of a language. Is admission still possible with only 3?


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2 years ago

If Harvard requires 4 years of a single language at a minimum, you are not going to get admitted with 3. Keep in mind 4 years is a minimum and there are many applicants that have 5 or 6 years if you include post AP classes like independent research.

If your intention is to apply to Ivy or Elite colleges, you have to assess what the competition is doing, not your high school. You can look on Naviance and see how many students from your HS were successful in getting in Harvard and other similar schools. If you go to a public HS, or a small private school, then probably not too many.

There are no short cuts when it comes to applying to Ivys, there is always someone who has more APs, more IBs, more honors and awards, better essays and test scores so think about exceeding the minimum requirements not meeting them.

Good luck.

2 years ago

It's still possible for Harvard, however probably fairly unlikely, I'm not super sure about the statistics though. I personally did not take the 4th year of language (only 3) because I just despised Spanish so much and took AP Calculus instead (which I think should look equally as impressive?) but depending on the school they like to see more well-rounded students. If you really want a chance at Harvard or very competitive schools I would recommend Spanish 4, maybe at the AP level if you have a 98% right now? But if you really dislike it and are not planning on attending a top top school, I would opt for an equal level class in something else that interests you (like don't take an extra study or art elective). Hope this helped!

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