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Do colleges care more about your High School grades rather than Community College and Online Accredited Courses?

I am a Junior in High School right now. I can get a maximum of 4.08 weighted and 3.7 unweighted through my high school courses but I am taking various online AP Courses which are accredited at UC Scout (Scout from University of California). I am also taking a lot of STEM and Computer Science related courses at 3 different community colleges in which all those courses are UC transferable and Computer Science is the degree I am going to apply for. Once I total up all the classes I have taken or Plan to take my maximum weighted GPA is 4.69 and my Unweighted is 3.89.

Now after providing the details, will colleges care more about my high school grades rather than my course grades from outside of school? I already know that colleges combine every accredited course you took and recalculate a gpa but wouldn't tho also look at the grades from each institution separately?

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2 years ago

So most schools care more about grades and you seem to have that down then rigor but the normal issue of cc classes of how they transfer seems to be resolved. As the classes are college credit you transfer them that is impressive but depending on how standerized all of the classes are I can not say for certain but all UCs are holistic and highly value strong rigor.

2 years ago

So I do not know if this answers your question specifically, but colleges generally look at the difficulty of classes, what grade you received for those classes, and your GPA. From what you have said Your GPA is very good so that is a plus. In addition to that, your course choices are telling the colleges that you challenge yourself and that you have a clear demonstrated interest ( computer science ). With those two factors in mind combined you should be in a good place for college applications.


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