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Which SAT Subject tests do I have to take for my college application as an international student?

I'm a rising-sophomore right now and I couldn't decide which SAT Subject-tests or any other test do I need to take. My school doesn't offer any AP or SAT classes and it's conducting the national curriculum with the French Baccaleaurat program but I am planning to apply for US colleges and am trying to reach all requirements for applications. I've self-studied and taken the AP Microeconomics Exam this year. But I've learned that I have to take some SAT Subject test as well as the SAT test. Majors I am interested in are Economics, Politics, International Relations, and Law. Should I take the World history and Maths Level 1-2 or other?

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It depends on what school(s) you want to attend as I am applying to a top 20 school I am Planning on taking some of them but some of the schools just care about normal sat and gpa so it varies by university.

Like 3/4ths of all ivies are sat subject optional but optional is not blind. If you can know what colleges you want to attend look at SAT requirements. If none of them require subjects tests I’d probably discard if one of your top 5 schools require it I’d recomend taking all required subject tests.

Hope this helps!


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