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Switching from ED2 to RD

Hello! I applied early decision 2 to a school and am honestly regretting it. It is still one of my first choices, but I also would like to know and be able to consider my other options. Would emailing admissions and asking to switch my application to the regular decision pool harm my admissions chances, and the school is already quite competitive?


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2 years ago[edited]

Until you contact the college directly as ask if it is possible, I nor anyone on here know enough about your application file details to have an opinion on whether you should stay in ED2 for move to the RD pool.

What is statistically known as a generalization is the admit rates for ED1 are higher than ED2 because many ED2 applicants were already rejected in the ED1 round and their are fewer spots available in the 2nd round. Since there better are applicants in general in the ED1 round, plus many ALDCs and applicants with hooks, colleges scoop up more ED1 applicants.

ED2 rates are still going to be higher than RD rates because of the binding component and smaller pool size than RD. However, no one here knows if you are a 'sure thing' to get into the school you are talking about or about to get 'deferred' or 'rejected'. So without know how you stack up to the other applicants in this ED2 pool, there is the real possibility that your best chances of actually getting in are if you stay put.

If you applied somewhere ED1/REA you thought you had a decent chance of getting into but got rejected, then that will inform you that perhaps you were overconfident about your odds versus the actual strength of the pool. If you applied ED1/REA to a most competitive school like MIT, Harvard, Yale, or Princeton and got deferred then your still have a good chance for RD at that school.

Without revealing your major file components and the school you are talking about plus any ED1/REA school you already applied to, I don't think anyone here can advise you.

You have to weigh the opportunity loss of not getting in to your ED2 school against the future freedom of picking from the RD schools you will get into and figure out if its worthwhile forgoing that school if it doesn't work out as planned in RD.

Good luck.

2 years ago

Some good points have been mentioned here. Switching from ED II to RD would reduce your chances, but it could be worth it given the fact that you value your other potential options. There is no risk from emailing admissions officers, though there is also a chance that your admissions decision has already been made. This CollegeVine article has more advice to help you make your decision. Hope this helps!

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