2 years ago
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Selecting Senior Year Classes

Hi! I am being pushed to select my senior year classes this week at school, and I am struggling to choose whether to double-up in mathematics or in science.

So far, my senior schedule will consist of:

- AP Latin IV

- AP English Literature

- AP Biology

- AP Calculus

- AP Gov

- Softball

- Theology IV Honors (required at my private school)

I still have one more class to take and I am deciding between taking AP Statistics or Anatomy and Physiology Honors. I plan on going to medical school and becoming a doctor, but both math and science are essential for that, so how am I supposed to decide which to double-up in?

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2 years ago

Do you have to take 8 classes? 5 APs seems like a lot for Senior year especially since not one college is going to see your AP Test Scores that you have to take in May. All your college decisions will out already.

-My advise to you is do not take more than 5 APs!

-If you want to look better for your Pre-med major, I'd swap out AP GOV for Anatomy and take 4 APs plus 1 elective, something different.

Junior year is when you are supposed to have all your course rigor completed so don't overdo it Senior year. You are going to have to balance your school work with the following:

-Taking and getting a higher SAT/ACT if you are not satisfied with your current score

-Writing excellent college essays

-Advancing your EC narratives and honing your "spike" (S) activity

-Working on some "wow factor" if you don't already have one.

-Plus all the senior rites of passage like homecoming, prom, blah blah blah.

Make sure you have enough runway and bandwith to successfully complete all these things without sacrificing anything. If you take 6 APS, I swear you will regret it.

2 years ago

Anatomy and Physiology is probably best between those choices, but also consider taking an art or extracurricular of some kinda to a) round out your resume, and b) to give you a breather your senior year.

Trust me, you are going to want a breather.

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