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What can I do with after graduating 1 year early from highschool?

Im currently a sophomore in high school, and by my junior year i will be almost done with all my credits, and plan on taking classes over junior summer to graduate early. Is it a good idea to graduate early? What can i do with an extra year ? How do I build up my resume?

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4 years ago

Great question!

You can think of graduating early as basically taking a gap year a year early. You could look into applying to colleges as a junior but it is typically harder than if you were a senior, although not impossible. You could look into working and saving money, traveling the world if you have the resources, getting an internship in a field you're interested, basically most of the options people have for a gap year would also apply here.

What are your goals for the future? While it's awesome that you have the credits to graduate early you should think about if it makes the most sense for you. If you're able to secure an internship in something you're passionate about or have a job lined up (one with long-term opportunities), are absolutely dying to go to college, or need to work to support yourself then it might make sense to graduate early. If not, it might make more sense to stay in school because you can take more advanced classes to build up your application and you can take electives to expand on areas you've explored. If you're interested in competitive colleges this option is probably the best for you.

You have a long time to think about what you want to do and plenty of time to plan for either option. Good luck!

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