2 years ago
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Is my current course plan rigorous enough for top schools AND realistic?

I'm currently taking:

Algebra 2/Trig

English 9 H

Pre AP World History

Research Biology H

Spanish 3

Health & PE 9

Chamber Orchestra

Plan for 10th:

Math Analysis

English 10 H

AP World History

Research Chemistry H

AP Biology

Health & PE 10/Drivers Ed (requirement)

Chamber Orchestra

Plan for 11th:

AP Calculus BC

AP English Language

AP US History

Physics H

AP Chemistry

AP Psychology

Chamber Orchestra

Plan for 12th:

AP Statistics

AP English Literature

AP Government

AP Physics

Spanish 4 H

Personal Finance and Economics (requirement)

Chamber Orchestra


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4 answers

Accepted Answer
2 years ago

Remember that coursework isn't the only factor that determines if you'll get into a top school, there are also essays and extracurriculars. However just looking at the classes you intend on taking, it should definitely be enough. I would recommend taking one "easier" class each year, just so you get a small break from all these APs. Good Luck!

2 years ago

I think this is an amazing goal. It looks like you plan to take some amazing classes! You have already taken the initiative to plan out your courses for your high school career which is a great sign of your commitment. I will second the idea that an easier class is acceptable as well and can be a great way to keep yourself from burning out. I think Orchestra will be an amazing class to have fun in, but it will still be rigorous and require as much time as many of your other classes. Despite this, I believe that this schedule could be realistic. However, I will heavily caution you not to take a job while taking these classes. If you do so, you will burn out very quickly. Even if you do manage to stay caught up with your classes, you will not have time to be with your family and friends. Remember that there are some things that are more important than school. Whatever you choose, I wish you good luck and a happy journey!

2 years ago

I think that your plan could be manageable because you have put in some easier, less stressful classes like Personal Finance and Economics and Chamber Orchestra. I would only take AP Stats and AP Calculus BC if you really like math and or are very good at it. If you are not then those on top of your other classes will overwhelm you. I have taken a lot of advanced classes and I have been burnt out (me right now). Do not, I repeat, do not think that if you have to take all heavily loaded classes. If you realize that you need a break after your sophomore year change your 11th grade classes so you take a class that you like but also gives you more free time.

2 years ago

This should definitely be enough for your top schools, but if you plan on applying to ivy leagues, I would suggest balancing out your coursework with a nice thick resume. (participate in honor societies and extracurriculars that align with your major, even consider a research project). However, those are A LOT of AP classes (especially for your junior year) and it can be very overwhelming. I would suggest adding in an easier class along with your AP’s because junior years is extremely stressful. If you crack and start slacking in your APs it might do more harm to your gpa than good. But if you think you can do it, go for it!

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