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what sort of things should i include in an college essay?

I'm applying to an out of state school and the college essay prompt is "all about you" and I don't know what I should include.

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@RyanDWillson2 years ago [edited]

I understand you and also went crazy when it came time to write an essay for admission. Most colleges want your work to reflect who you are and the basic facts about why you deserve the position. Use descriptive style when writing your essay. This will help you to speak brighter and more expressively about yourself. There are many secrets to how to write a descriptive essay, but the main thing is just to be yourself. This is the best variant.

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2 years ago

Here are some topics that work well for prompts about who you are:

- An identity you have that makes you different from most of the people around you. This could be ethnic, religious, cultural, intellectual (e.g. your commitment to a political ideology), or related to your looks or gender.

- A hobby, quirk, or personal tradition. An example would be how an applicant does their best thinking in the bathroom.

- A career ambition or activity that allows you to express yourself best - just make sure to tell more about yourself than the activity.

What is most important with this essay prompt is to be unique with your answer. Write an essay that no one else could come up with. Show through stories, dialogue, and vivid detail rather than plainly telling. Hope this helps!

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