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What should I add to my application and do the summer before senior year to enhance my application

Hi I am a junior and here are my stats (as of end of senior year) before I go into other details

12 honors classes

9 APs

10- Huge (5 on exam)

11- Apush, Ap lang, Ap psych

12- Ap lit, Ap world, Ap comp gov, Ap spanish lang, and EITHER Ap spanish lit or Ap art history

3.93 unweighted gpa, 4.3 weighted

SAT is 1190 but that was when I took it May of last year, it will likely be between 1220-1300 by the time I submit (if I even submit scores).

I go to quite a competitive high school in North Carolina so EVERYBODY applies to unc chapel hill :/, very academically competitive

I have 3 officer positions in clubs this year, same for senior year (maybe more)

Also in 2 other clubs as a member

Planning on doing NHS senior year

I tutored throughout the pandemic kids doing virtual school including some with learning disabilities, and started working at Old Navy last spring, 10-20 hours a week 20-35 during summer

I do theatre, and have been in several productions where I have had significant roles

I have done and will do in the spring several all state and regional choir competitions, the Southeast one I got into I was the only one in Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools to get in.

I have done vocal lessons for 3 years

I will have up to 100 volunteer hours for an organization that helps adults with autism by the end of senior year, about 70 now

I will be doing dual enrollment at Community College and take between 4-5 classes by end of senior year

I speak English and Spanish

First Generation college student and son of an immigrant

Openly gay male


Not intending to apply for financial aid

I'm leaning towards polysci with a minor in spanish, but definitely not set in stone so I am applying undecided for my major most likely

Any analysis, advice, help, comment or ANYTHING is very welcome :)

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2 years ago

It seems clear that you are theater kid that loves performing and helping others. I think your grades are excellent as well as your ECs. You seem like a self motivated go-getter which will serve you well.

I think UNC has a good school of Drama but if you are hoping to leave your comfort zone and go to a better Drama school, I highly recommend that you hit the SAT or ACT prep this summer and try to get a 1450 SAT or 32 ACT. Everything else on your narrative looks good but your test scores are typical of a B, B+ student.

The schools I would get information on now and get on their mailing lists are







-Carnegie Mellon


I also think if you get into a better school in a bigger city, you will have more of options for work and play as a gay person.

Good luck.

2 years ago

Hi @deanobeano! I just want to echo what @CameronBameron said - your extracurriculars are great and you have a good balance in the type of activities you have pursued. I think the only major place for improvement would be your SAT score. I suggest spending your summer studying for the SAT/ACT because a slightly higher score could make you more competitive for schools like UNC Chapel Hill. I did a livestream on how to study for the SAT last week, so I'll link that here: https://www.collegevine.com/livestreams/4432/how-to-study-for-the-sat

Hope that helps!

2 years ago

If interested, you could do more community service hours with different organizations like participating in or even organizing a road clean-up. Also, if your school offers JROTC, you could try to join for your final year.

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