2 years ago
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What should I do the summer before my junior year? extracurriculars, internships, jobs, etc..

This upcoming summer will be the summer prior to my junior year. I will be preparing for the SAT, but other than that I don't have any plans. I need some advice on what I need should focus on in terms of college apps and stuff. Does anyone have any suggestions in for someone who is interested in computer science/computer information sciences or just anything in general? Should I be looking at internships/jobs, if so which ones? Should I be volunteering? I'm just lost.

Also side note: for my fellow filipinos.. are filipinos considered Pacific Islanders or Asian.. I really don't know which one to pick on my app.. I don't want to lie, but through my research there really hasn't been much of a consensus on what Filipinos are considered..

Thanks :)

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2 years ago

Great question! If you are sitting there doing nothing in the summer, then internships/jobs and volunteer work are great!

Internships/jobs: If you are able to get an internship, that looks great on your college application and it shows that you have some experience in your field of interest. Now for which internships, you have to do that research. It is hard to get internships but the good thing is that you still have the summer before senior year to get one! For jobs, however, getting a job at a fast food restaurant will not look good on your application. So, focus more on internships. There is trend: developing your interests and showing excellence and commitment.

Volunteer work: Although not as impressive as internships, they still look good on your application and are of more importance than jobs because you do not get paid for it. However, only volunteer if that is something you like to do. If you are being forced to complete a certain amount of volunteer hours by a school club, then this will not look good on your application. Try to volunteer at places that most people don't volunteer at. This will not only prove that you are volunteering because of your interest, but it will also express an "out-of-the-box" thought process to colleges and set you apart from other applicants.

Hope this helps!

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