2 years ago
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What courses should I plan to take for Pre-Med.

I'm going to be a freshman and wanted to know some courses that look good on Pre-med applications.

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2 years ago


Here are some ideas, but remember to try out some other classes too. Your interests can easily change since you are so young. In your freshman year, it is especially important to branch out and try new things as much as possible!

note: these are general classes, not sure if your school offers them or not :)

- On-level or honors physics, biology, chemistry

- AP Biology, AP Physics (lesser importance), AP Chemistry

- AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles (if you for example wanted to go into neuroscience, coding experience would do you well - AP Comp Principles is also a super easy course and would be great for freshmen!)

- AP Psychology or normal psychology

- Child development

- Sports medicine

- AP Capstone - seminar and research

- AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Statistics (depends what area of med study)

- AP Environmental Science (depends on area of med study)

- Zoology (sometimes could be useful)

- Astronomy (not too connected, but could be fun to try out if you enjoy physics and want to practice your math skills)

- Anatomy & Physiology

Hope this helped! Let me know if I can answer any follow-up questions.

2 years ago

Take advanced science classes. AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Physics. Along with this, if your school offers running start, take a bio or chem class at a nearby college!

Pre-Med is simply a list of courses you need to take and pass in order to get into med school. If you have the college credits from running start or the AP classes, there are less classes for you to take later on! Along with this, try interning at a nearby hospital or health center.

As for other courses, it depends on the kind of med you want to go into. Of course take the above classes (AP Bio, AP Chem, etc), but also psychology, anatomy and phys, research classes. Good luck :) Enjoy freshman year.

2 years ago

Hi! I am currently a sophomore, and I also want to go on the Pre-Med route. I would recommend taking AP Biology and AP Chemistry whenever you can. I also would recommend taking AP Statistics as I have heard it is very helpful with AP Biology. These are definitely the best classes to take but you can also take AP Calculus AB or BC and an AP Physics class as well to show that you took rigorous courses. The first three are the best for sure though. I hope this helps!

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