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10th Grade Course Selection (with the goal of applying to top schools)

I am a 9th grade student preparing to select courses for next year. I have a strong science focus, but am an A+ student across the board, so I am not worried about not succeeding in the classes I choose. Rather, I am wondering if the courses I am planning to take will actually help me in college (I want to be a biotechnology or neuroscience major) or with my independent research (I am researching CRISPR treatments for Huntington's). Also, will the course load be too difficult with my extracurriculars (I am a varsity athlete) ? Finally, are there any other classes you would recommend for someone with my interests?

Here are the courses I am planning to take in 10th grade:

- AP Human Geography

- Honors English 2

- Honors Chemistry

- AP Computer Science Principles

- Science Research (program through which I conduct my independent research)

- Honors Geometry

- Honors Spanish 3


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2 years ago


Of course, this question is subjective depending on how hard the teachers are for these specific classes, how many ap's are offered, etc.

But some overarching comments:

- Really great schedule! It looks quite challenging and your extracurriculars are quite strong.

- If they are available , you could try taking an AP science like AP Chem. From personal experience taking AP Chem as a freshman, it is by no means easy especially as an athlete, but it would really give you a major boost on your transcript in terms of gpa and the rigor of your classes.

- I would recommend in rising 11th and 12th summers to take college classes (online or inperson) at a well known, respected school. Try to take classes not offered at an AP / high school level, especially as there is no neuroscience or biotech courses at most high schools.

Hope this helps! Comment if u have more questions. (if you can, I've never commented before lol)

2 years ago

This is v.Good list for 10th grade.

For 11th I would recommend; AP English Lang/Comp, AP Biology, Pre-Calc, Spanish 4, AP US history, AP Psych or AP Stats.

For 12th, AP English Lit/Comp, AP Chemistry, AP Calc A/B or B/C, Physics, AP Spanish, AP Euro History.

You should continue to do your "spike" intellectual vitality work as well.

You prob. want to end up with 10 APs if you are going to apply to top schools.

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