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SAT subject test


Hi! so I need some advice regarding what sat subject tests to take. I have recently completed honors chemistry (regular chem at my school is really hard basically equivalent to ap chem) and ap bio, and a precalc/ calc A class. I want to go into CS or EECS. I know that I should take the math II test right about now, but COVID has all standardized testing canceled, so the earliest I can take it is October, is this okay? how do I study when I've taken subjects for that test so long ago? I'm taking AP Physics C: Mechanics next year, so should I take the physics subject test at the end of next year? What subject tests should I take?


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I agree that you should do math 2 and physics. I’m taking my subject test for World in december and i finished the course last week, haha... I think you will be fine to take the test in october as long as you study and review throughout the summer. Physics and Chem are better than Bio since Bio is usually more of a pre-med type test. Physics you will be well prepared for after taking phys C; it only covers through phys 1 or 2 i believe, so you will be learning more than what you are expected to know for the exam. Honestly you only need two for most schools; Georgetown is the only college that (used to) require 3 subject test. Now since that is optional even for Gtown you can sub in AP scores for a Subject test score. As long as you have 3 good scores you will be fine. I recommend Chem Phys and Math 2 :)

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Chemistry and Physics would probably be better than Biology because they're heavily math-focused, and math is an essential skill for computer science. As for studying long after classes end, you can review class notes, buy study books with practice tests, review with Khan academy, or even use the free AP review videos posted on Collegeboard's YouTube to cover key concepts. I recommend paying special attention to topics covered at the beginning of the year, since you're more likely to have forgotten them. If you practice continuously throughout the summer, it should be relatively easy for you to keep concepts fresh.