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Should I take the biology subject test?


Hi! I’m a rising sophomore and was wondering if I should take the biology SAT subject test. I love biology, and plan to major in it in college. I took honors bio this past year and got an A+. The problem is, my school is tiny and didn’t offer AP bio, or any other AP science class. I will be taking honors chemistry this year. I was thinking about taking the molecular bio subject test at the end of chemistry (since chem will help with molecular bio). I was wondering if I can still do well without taking AP bio. Keep in mind I do biology related activities in my free time, and will be taking an environmental science class this summer through dual enrollment. Thanks!


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Yep you should totally do it! I took Bio M in 8th grade with my honors bio course and did well. You don’t really need to be in an AP class to be well prepared for a subject test cause the two exams don’t cover the same material anyway. Biology has two different forms, Molecular and Environmental, so do some research on which aspect you’re most comfortable with. Bio is a lottttt if memorization and subject recall but if you got an A+ in honors bio you should be fine. I believe it’s 20 of the 80 or so questions are specific for M or E and when you take the test you pick which of the two options (there’s a set of questions for each) you want to do.

good luck!!

Oh also (since I just reread your post) - don’t wait until the end of your sophomore year to take Bio M. You won’t remember nearly as much a you do now and it will kinda be a waste of time. See if you can register for the end of 2020. From personal experience Bio M and Chemistry are nothing alike so don’t use Chemistry as a way to study for it. Study for bio independently because when you learn chemistry next year you will probably not be able to completely remember both curriculum.
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Yes! Taking the subject test I think will definitely show your dedication to Bio. And dedication to your planned majors is something colleges really like to see.