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Should I still take the SAT?

Hi, I am a current junior and rising senior, and I have a few questions about the upcoming application process for fall 2020. Due to the recent pandemic, I've heard that many colleges are waiving the SAT/ACT requirements. I was planning on taking the SAT this spring but that was canceled. Should I still take the SAT (the one that I've been planning to do) or focus on improving the other parts of my application? Also, if I don't submit SAT scores would that alter the chances of getting accepted into these schools?

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a year ago

I was planning on taking the ACT this spring, but it was cancelled so now I'm on course to take it in July. I would say definitely still take the SAT, as it's currently unclear how many universities are waiving the standardized testing requirements. It's best to have a score at hand just in case some end up still requiring them. But I would also keep up with the other parts of your application. I made a CommonApp account a few weeks ago and I've been going ham on it and drafting essays. It's always best to get a head start before school starts up again. Good luck!!

a year ago

So many universities are taking a wait and see approach though some have announced test optional path ways. REMEMBER That test optional still means SAT impacts college admissions if sent in it is kinda like a bonus to your application. Id recommend you take it as it is a critical aspect to admissions to schools that consider it and even TO schools consider it can be that boost that tips you over though essays are weighed a lot so Id recommend at least starting a essay probably a commonapp one.


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