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How to read faster on the ACT?


[This applies to ALL the subject tests, not just the reading/English.]

I'm a very slow reader and this is hindering my ability to get through all the questions in the ACT sections before time is up. The questions I do read I get correct, and I don't have any issues understanding the questions or the subject material, I just need advice on how to read quickly/skim efficiently. Any advice at all will help! (I don't have any access to ACT tutors or anything like that, just in case that was a potential bit of advice.) Thank you!!


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Hello! From personal experience, I know exactly what you mean. If you read with a voice in your head, it helps to ignore the voice and read with your eyes only. Also, try using your finger to move at a constant rate and force yourself to keep reading at the same rate that your finger is. In addition to that, try using this site (or others like it) to get some more ideas:

I hope that helps.