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How can I earn a athletic scholarship before im a senior ??? ( 7th Grader )

Sports is everything to me. And it would mean alot to me and my family if I could detain a scholarship to play College football. Anyone have tips to help me improve from A's and B's to straight A's ?

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2 years ago

Good question. I'm going to give you some facts!

There are 15000 high school football teams in America and 1,100,000 football players, more players than the people living in San Jose, CA. Only 6.5% or 71,000 get recruited into the NCAA, which are 10 conferences and 130 teams. And only 1.6% will get drafted in the NFL.

Your best shot of getting recruited as an athlete would be to get into the best high school you can for academics but also somewhere that has a good football program.

If you are smart and also a TOP player then you want to pay for a college that is both prestigious and has a good team, schools that have both would be schools like USC, UCLA, Boston College, NotreDame, Wake Forest, UMichigan, CalBears, Stanford. These would be Division I schools.

If you are super smart then you want to get recruited by any of the 8 Ivy league colleges. And if you smart but are not the strongest player but hold a key position like "kicker" or "QB" or a "running back" then try to play Division III in the NESCAC league which is Amherst, Colby, Williams, Wesleyan, Bowdoin, Middlebury, Bates, Trinity College, Hamilton and Tufts. All these schools are TOP 20 Liberal arts colleges and excellent schools. They will set you up if you plan on going to grad school like Law, Medicine or Business school.

I'm not your parents but I would beg them to either move to a zip code that has the best schools in your state or when you are in 9th grade try to find a way to a Top Boarding School because they will prepare you for the academic side better than any public school while giving you a lot a coaching support and resources. They have the best facilities and you will get a lot of play time. If you go to a big public school, you have to compete with 200+ players on the C team, B team, JV Team, Varsity Team and you might not get great coaching, mentoring or much game time.

If you really want to be recruited then instead of asking for bikes, Xboxes, skateboards, and other toys, ask your parents to save up to send you to summer football camps so you can have an edge over other kids your ages. Until you get to the right HS with the right team, you might have to join a Club team in your county, that has better players. You never get better unless you play with people above your skill level. That will make you work harder because it will challenge you to be your best.

I can't stress enough that academics are equally key if you want to get into a top school. And much of your success will have to do with the quality of your teachers and the resources available in your HS. So keep trying your best but switch schools if your school is not the best fit for your to excel in both areas.

Good luck.

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