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Is it too late/worth it to let schools know about important developments in my senior year?

I'm super stoked to try and get into schools such as Brown and Harvard, and I want to make sure I have everything I need to do so. However, I don't want to ruin my chances by giving admissions' offices unnecessary information or too much information.

Here's a quick rundown on what I'd like to inform their admissions' offices about.

A huge change has happened to my role in the JROTC program. My role as Chaplain transformed from being a simple religious affairs role (spiritual guidance for other cadets, creating prayers for events, etc.) to one that also incorporates advocacy and social justice awareness. After much planning and discussion with my Senior Army Instructor, we have changed the Chaplain role to be one for leading service/volunteer work weeks (the first of which is expected to debut soon), as well as creating speeches/presentations to boost cadet morale and help them reflect on how important service is to them and others.

So, again, is it worth letting their admissions' offices know about this stuff? Is it too late? I felt like the drastic change to my school's JROTC program might be something worth mentioning, but I'm not sure.


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In the future, just ask your question(s) one time. Thanks

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Ivys do want to hear information as long as it is something new and impactful or a game changer to what you've already submitted. I've come up with a few examples.

-New Awards - your US Constitutional law team placed 1st in your state and are going to to Washington DC for the final.

-New Honors - you were nominated as a US Presidential Scholars program, they highest honor a HS student can attain and you want to share that.

-New Scholarships - you are semi-finalist for the Coca Cola, Gates or Jack Cooke Kent program.

-New Test Scores -You submitted a 33 ACT or 1480 SAT during RD and just got your test results back and now have a 35 and a 1550.

-New Publication - Your research article on failure of social media during the COVID-19 pandemic by proliferating false narratives just got published in ABC Business Journal

-New opportunity - You were invited to Trombone College for the summer on academic scholarship to meet and play with all the best Trombonists in the US.

After reading and re-reading your expanded role in the Jr. ROTC, unless this is a promotion like moving form Sergeant Major to Battalion Commander versus an added responsibility to your current rank and file, I would not submit it.

I'm not sure if you've had your Harvard or Brown alumni interview yet, but this is something that can be introduced if you are bringing a C.V. to the meeting.

If someone else has a different understanding of what kind of add'l information can be introduced after the applications have been submitted, please chime in.

Good luck.

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