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Anyone who knows how I can become a Child Life Specialist after I get my major in Psychology?

I know that I have to go through all the training, but after you get the Psychology degree, where do you go from there?


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a year ago

Hey @kp, this is my answer to the best of my ability. Since psychology is related to child life studies, you can launch your career right after you earn your bachelor's degree. But to really secure a job as a Child Life Specialist, you have to show your employer that you're experienced with children and have the attributes of a successful specialist. You can do that by getting an internship while you're still in college. The internship should be a Child Life Specialist internship and you should log at least 500 hours of experience. You can also volunteer at daycares, child facilities, and schools to advance your experience. I hope this helped and if you're still a rising high schooler, it won't hurt if you take a couple of psychology courses to better prepare you for your career pathway. Thanks!


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