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I'm currently an 8th grader, and while I was getting a general idea of what courses I would enroll in high schools, I realized that in some subjects, only one or two years were required, and in the case of PE/Health, there weren't even any other courses except for two. So would I just only have 6 classes in 11th/12th grade or am I supposed to fill this gap in with things like other APs? If I were to take more APs in place of these empty spots, what APs would I take?

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Hi! Current Junior HS here. Many high schools have different requirements of classes and credits you need to take in order to graduate. You can ask your councilor or search on your school/county's website to find the requirements. Your councilor will be your best friend when it comes to mapping out your high school career. Hope this helps!

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Try taking classes that you are interested in and would want to pursue as a career. It helps to have AP and honors classes but don't take them if you cant handle it. Try and get more A's than AP. I would take subjects like Math, Science, and history all 4 years or at least classes that relate to them. My recommendation would be to take as many classes surrounding technology throughout your 4 years since it is the future unless you have no interest in going into computer science. In 11th and 12th take electives you are interested in and I would highly recommend AP computer science principles since by taking that class you can understand if you like coding or not. It is also easy and stress free.

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