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What things can I do to improve my stats?

I live in the Chicagoland area, and I'm a HS junior. I'm projected to have taken a total of 6 AP classes out of 22 offered (HuG, World, Chem, Calc BC, Macro, Physics 1), 10 Honors classes, and 3 community college classes (Bio Principles, General Stats, Comp Sci I). I have a 4.0 GPA unweighted/ 4.55 GPA weighted, as well as a 1470 SAT score (700 R&W, 770 Math). For extracurriculars, I'm part of Quiz Bowl and Math Team, and I peer tutor during my lunch. I want to major in Chemical Engineering and/or Microbiology. What can I do to improve my stats for these majors and in general?

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So far your stats are very impressive! You have taken a lot of higher level classes and have an impressive SAT score! I'm not sure if you plan on taking it again this spring, but if you do you might be able to improve the English section and get an even higher combined score. Don't feel like you have to though, as your current score is really good!

Next year I would try to take some more higher level science/math classes since you want to go on that more science related track. AP Chem looks really good, but so would Bio if you want to go into Microbiology. Overall colleges do like students who challenge themselves, as you have done.

I would say the area you need to work on is your extracurriculars. Quiz Bowl and Math Team are impressive, but do you do anything else? Are there some smaller clubs you have joined? And of the two listed, do you have a position or leading role? Even if you just have two extracurriculars you are strongly passionate about, getting a leadership position would make you stand out even more.

Have you done any volunteer work or helped your community in any way? While your academics are strong, these aspects will show colleges that you are more than just impressive numbers. Peer tutoring is a great start, but try and see if there are any other opportunities in your area.

I think you are in good shape and will get in to plenty of great schools, but keep trying to stand out!

Hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions!

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