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How should I start a science bowl team?


Hi! I’m going to be a sophomore this fall and really want to start a science club at my school. The problem is, my school doesn’t have a SINGLE science or math club/team. In fact, they only have about 10 clubs overall. I have wanted to be on a science team all year, and have decided to start one. I first looked in to science Olympiad, but when I saw how many people are needed, I realized it would never happen. Then I came across science bowl. It only requires 4 people, which is more doable. It will still be a challenge though. Also, will I stand a chance not having taken physics yet? I have taken bio and chem, and will take environmental science this summer. Does anyone have any advice for me?


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Hey, @FutureScientist! I'm glad you've decided to start a science club at your school! To start any club, you honestly just need to be persistent in what you start. Look for peers who are willing to join/cofound it with you. Talk to some friends and invite them to join. You should also have a club advisor from the school's staff, in this case, they can be your biology or chemistry teacher. For the Science Bowl, I think you need to self-register your team. You should prepare as a team of course for the actual bowl. Sometimes the competition release resources and review materials for the team to prepare. If that's not the case, you can always make study groups and find fun ways to review them. I don't think a DEEP understanding of physics is needed but you should always brush up on every science subject for these competitions. I hope this helped!

Thanks! I’ll be sure to check out their website. I’ll also email my science teacher (chem and bio are taught by the same person.) I’ll also try to study physics a bit over the summer, but won’t focus too much time on it.
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hey there! i’m one year older than you and i was in your exact same place last year so i can help. i got my school’s literature/book club approved (i’m the founder/prez) the beginning of my freshman year and it began my sophomore year. this is how my school handles club approvals so you probably will be doing a similar process:

* all of this was on my school’s website so check with your club coordinator at your school to see if this is the same!

1. there is a sheet call “new club approval” that you must fill out (usually this is by the beginning of the academic year, so say december. if it gets approved it’s for the NEXT school year so keep in mind you’ll be a junior when you start the club if it gets approved)

the sheet has stuff like the name of the club, what its purpose is, how students participate, what it’s about, time commitment, etc etc

2. you need to get a certain amount of signatures (for my school I think it’s 50 or 60 but i’m not sure) and emails from students on a sheet/chart showing that they would join the club or support it if it got approved

3. my school was very picky so they only took 2 out of 11 proposals my year. my coordinator said it’s because a lot of the proposals were pre-existing or not unique so they only took the ones that did not exist already. considering that your school doesn’t have a sci team/program you will have better luck!

4. i had to meet w/ the dean of students (our “principal), the advisor (see #5), my guidance counselor and the club coordinator and give a short speech/presentation explaining why i wanted it to be approved. it was a lot of work but my school was very picky so this was what i had to do...

5. you need to pick a teacher to be the club advisor who would agree to run it with you if it gets approved. ask your sci teacher if they would help with this!

6. you should also include the fact that if you have science competition team, doing well will increase your school’s prestige and reputation. put it in somewhere somewhat low-key so that you don’t come off as a braggart.

yes, it’s fine that you havent taken physics yet. hope this helps you and good luck!

My school is a lot different, but thanks for your help. As long as you have a faculty advisor, you can literally just start a club. Keep in mind my whole school is under 300 students. We don’t have a club coordinator. But thanks!
no prob! yah i didn’t know that beforehand but i’m glad it was helpful :) in that case you honestly don’t really need much prep, you can go ahead and start it