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How should I start a science bowl team?

Hi! I’m going to be a sophomore this fall and really want to start a science club at my school. The problem is, my school doesn’t have a SINGLE science or math club/team. In fact, they only have about 10 clubs overall. I have wanted to be on a science team all year, and have decided to start one. I first looked in to science Olympiad, but when I saw how many people are needed, I realized it would never happen. Then I came across science bowl. It only requires 4 people, which is more doable. It will still be a challenge though. Also, will I stand a chance not having taken physics yet? I have taken bio and chem, and will take environmental science this summer. Does anyone have any advice for me?


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Hey, @FutureScientist! I'm glad you've decided to start a science club at your school! To start any club, you honestly just need to be persistent in what you start. Look for peers who are willing to join/cofound it with you. Talk to some friends and invite them to join. You should also have a club advisor from the school's staff, in this case, they can be your biology or chemistry teacher. For the Science Bowl, I think you need to self-register your team. You should prepare as a team of course for the actual bowl. Sometimes the competition release resources and review materials for the team to prepare. If that's not the case, you can always make study groups and find fun ways to review them. I don't think a DEEP understanding of physics is needed but you should always brush up on every science subject for these competitions. I hope this helped!

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