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Strengthening my resume

I am currently a sophomore in high school and I was wondering what I can do to strengthen my resume for college, specifically in the extracurricular area. My top choice for college is the University of Miami. As of right now, I have gone my first two years with all A's in AICE, AP, and honors classes, my class rank is 29/604, I have a 4.0 unweighted GPA, and I received a 1200 on my PSAT. However, I am lacking in the extracurricular area. I am a part of the bowling team and a few clubs but I don't have any leadership roles. I was wondering if anyone had any kind of advice about what I should be focusing on and how I can strengthen my profile. Thanks!

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It is great that you are succeeding academically. Though every part of your application is important, your academic achievement will make up for other parts of your profile that are not as strong. With that said, it will be important for you to have more ECs under your belt. You will a few ECs in each of the following categories: long-term commitments that show a strong passion, community service activities, leadership roles that make a quantifiable positive impact, and hobbies.

The ECs that will be a good fit for your profile will largely depend on your interests and intended major. You will want them to provide evidence of these interests and be relevant for your overall academic and professional direction. These CollegeVine articles will help you find the right ECs for you. Hope this helps!

2 years ago

Greetings snola,

The best way to strengthen your profile is to pursue extracurriculars related to your passion.

This means, for example, one club that you stay in the rest of high school and rise through the ranks. On the other hand, your passion may be a sport, so you will do that for the rest of your high school years and become either team captain or help your team win significantly with your skills.

I do not know any colleges that have a professional bowling team, if you think that is your passion. Find your life's calling, so to speak, and dig deep into that field.

Your grades, class rank, PSAT, and class difficulty is great.


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