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Test-optional: When to submit a score vs when to withhold

I was listening to Moriah's recorded live stream about test-optional admissions. Would you clarify her advice about when to submit a score versus when to withhold? I heard her say to submit if the ACT score is within 3 points of the school's 25th percentile score of admitted students but later heard her say to submit an SAT score if it's within 60 points of the average or 50th percentile score. So do you make the call based on the lower number (25th percentile) in the middle 50 percent range for a school; the higher 75th percentile number; or the true average 50th percentile score? For example, what is the advice for an applicant applying to a selective school whose 25-50-75 percentile range is 33-35?

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2 years ago

I do not believe the within the 3pts for ACT and within 60 pts for the SAT's 25th percentile makes sense nor did it last cycle. Why because in general most people who submitted test scores who were admitted submitted scores higher than the previous cycle's 50th percentile range. So if a college had a 32-35 range in 2020, at you submitted a 29, you would be way out of the range because that school's reported scores were in the 34-35 range. Same goes for the SAT. If the school was 1450-1540 in 2020 and you submitted a 1390 you were way off the final report 50th percentile range of 1510-1560 or something like that. Last cycle all test scores reported for admits went UP, not DOWN. And for 2022 they will continue to stay the same or go up so there is no logic to applying the 3pt/60pt rule to any college. That is my singular opinion. If someone can argue why I'm not making sense, please share.

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