2 years ago
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I want to study a STEM related major, is there any Science Olympiad (maybe online) available in quarantine?

I'm a rising senior and I want to participate in more science Olympiads to boost my ECs. Does any one know about Science Olympiads in Quarantine or other Activities?


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2 years ago

I was in your same position!. I want to study a STEM major, and was searching for quarantine Olympiads. I know two which maybe could help, one is the Pre-university Science Olympiad , an Olympiad that described by the website is "designed to stimulate curiosity and scientific critical thinking" which is open to students all over the world. I think I cannot post links so just google "Pre-university Science Olympiad".

I also knew about other Olympiad but know that I looked for it, it turns out it has closed already, it was the Swiss Quarantine math Olympiad. I'll notify you if I find more!! But for the moment, I think the Pre-university Science Olympiad looks pretty good to bolster your resume.


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