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Can I get into Princeton with a few C's?

I just checked my transcript and saw that I have 3 C's on my transcript. I'm an A- student but struggled due to depression. I got one C my freshman year and 2 sophomore year. Will it affect my chances of getting into Princeton University? Should I still apply? If not, how can I improve my chances of getting in?


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a year ago

Hi! It depends on your overall GPA I assume. If you have weighted classes that brought up your GPA it may not be too bad on your application. I'm sure it will negatively impact your application slightly, however, if the overall GPA is not bad, other factors in your application can make up for it. You can improve your chances of getting in by having a very interesting essay, improving on your extracurriculars (by being involved in sports, visual arts, instruments, etc.), and with community service (many hours of volunteering). Hope this helps!


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