2 years ago
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Need Advice on AP + Honors Course Load for Sophomore Year

I’m currently in the process of finalizing my course selections for 2022-2023, my sophomore year of high school. Keeping in mind that I’m currently in the highest level courses available at my school, what do you think of my selections if I’m looking to get into a top level college (doesn’t have to be an Ivy):

- English 2 Honors (no other options)

- AP Human Geography (this or Contemporary World History 2 Honors)

- AP Statistics (this or Pre-Calculus Honors)

- French 3 Honors (no other options)

- Spanish 3 Honors (no other options)

- Chemistry Honors (or regular Chemistry)

Basically, my biggest question is this: should I be taking AP Statistics instead of Pre-Calculus Honors my sophomore year? This puts me on track to take Pre-Calculus Honors in eleventh and AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC in twelfth.

Right now, I’m leaning towards doing something in international/global studies. Based on that, what do you think about my course selections and do you have any advice?

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2 years ago[edited]

Definitely take AP Stats this year. Once you get it over with, you’ll be able to take Precal and AP Calc back-to-back which will most likely help with retention.

Also if you want to do international studies, take AP human geo. It’ll boost your gpa and make your courses more competitive

2 years ago

Hi! I'm a senior and planning on studying international relations/business. I would say your courseload looks good and AP Human Geography is definitely a fantastic class for what you're interested in. Chemistry and English honors is good as well. I'm not sure how difficult it is to take two honors language classes, but if you're comfortable with that then you'll do great.

I'm only concerned about taking AP Statistics as a sophomore because it can be quite a difficult class at times when you're only in 10th grade. In my school, it's typical for students to take honors pre-calc as a sophmore, AP Calc AB as a junior, and AP Statistics as a senior since it's known to be not too bad for a math class when you already went through the drudgery of calculus. AP Calc BC is also extremely difficult at least at my school. I would recommend taking honors pre-calc sophmore year, AP Stat and AP Calc AB junior year if you really enjoy math, and then AP Calc BC senior year. You could also do honors pre-calc sophmore year, AP Calc AB junior year, and AP Stat senior year.

Your best resource for planning these math classes, however, is upperclassmen at your school because they know how rigourous the course is at your own school. I would definetly recommend talking to them before making final decisions!

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