2 years ago
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How do I choose my minor??

Right now I have 5 minors that I really want to minor in. But, I can’t figure out just one I want to choose. Is there any way you guys decided on just one thing to major/minor in? Because I don’t know what I can do to find out which one it is I want to choose </3


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2 years ago

Pick 2 out of the five: one that would make you the absolute happiest and one that would be the most profitable. Then weigh the pros and cons of those 2

2 years ago

Greetings Smj789,

Minor in what complements your major most. For example, a minor in psychology if you are majoring in marketing. Don't minor in something solely out of interest.

For example, while you may love art history, minoring in this field and majoring in business does not make sense. You can always have art history as a hobby or interest outside of work.


Eric B.

2 years ago

It all depends on what you major in. Like EricB said, minor in something that complements your major and will help you later in life.

For example, I plan to major in Animal Science, and I also plan to minor in Agribusiness. My reasons are that I want to have my own vet practice, and having the Agribusiness minor will help me run my own practice. If I do not have my own practice, it will set me apart from other vets when I am applying for a job since I will have the business background compared to someone who is simply a vet. On the flip side, I thought about minoring in Theater, which would have been a complete waste of money because a major in Animal Science has no use for Theater. I love theater just as much as I love animals, but I can pursue theater through a community theater or in a drama club.

Another example is my brother; he is majoring in Construction Management and minoring in Spanish. He reasons that he will most likely have to work with many Hispanics in the construction industry, and he wants to be able to communicate with them. He also really likes Spanish, so it worked out perfectly.

If you have a lot of minors that might complement your major, look at which ones you enjoy more and would be a better investment. Also, look at what minors you enjoy that you might be able to join a club instead of minoring in them. This way, you will be able to do more of what you enjoy. If you like French, but it won't help you in life other than during vacation, see if your school has a foreign language club or something along those lines.

In light of all this, I would pick a minor that:

1. Complements your major

2. Sets you up for success

3. You enjoy

I hope this helps.

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