2 years ago
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Need help on my schedule for Junior year

Hi Guys. Next Year, I'll be a Junior and I plan on taking 3 Ap classes. This year, I haven't taken any ap classes, but all honors classes, and have done well in them. I was wondering if the transition from 0 to 3 would be doable and what your thoughts/rating for this schedule?

I know this varies from school to school, but from your experience, if you've taken these Ap classes, how long did homework take for you on average?

My Schedule

-Honors Precalculus

-Ap Physics 1 or regular physics

-Ap English language and composition or English 3 honors or honors African American literature

-Ap Government (U.S and Comparative) or honors law or honors economics or honors civics

-honors Spanish 3

-honors drawing and painting

-honors computer science

Thank you in advance!


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2 years ago

Greetings bjfong,

Only you can judge if you are prepared to take 3 AP classes at once. I know some taking more than that who are doing it, but barely staying above water and some who have little homework and are near the top of their class with multiple AP classes. Time management is paramount.

This schedule is fine if you want to get into any school less than the top 25. But if you want to strive above that, I recommend reading this article: https://blog.prepscholar.com/how-to-get-into-harvard-and-the-ivy-league-by-a-harvard-alum

Take advanced classes in only what relates to your passion so you can develop a spike, and save the extra time for more extracurriculars specifically related to that passion. Whether you want to go into the top schools or not, this is the best way to do it because you are only doing what you love.

There are too many well-rounded, AP veteran students out there.UPenn and Duke reject 3/5 valedictorians.


Eric B.

2 years ago

genuinely depends on your school. If possible I would recommend talking to some upperclassmen friends and figuring out which courses are just not worth taking and which are an easy A. Like, for my school personally, NO ONE recommends ap physics because everyone fails so the GPA boost isn't worth it, it's smarter to just dual credit it over the summer. ap lang is a difficult class but worth taking for most, and ap gov is an easy A.

In my experience, the whole concept of honors vs ap is not as apparent as people make it out to be. Just like in honors classes, a lot of your grade is just dependent on the type of teacher you have. Also, AP classroom videos are SO helpful and you have resources outside of your teacher when studying for a test in an AP class. Don't stress yourself, but also don't underestimate yourself.

Hope this helped, please remember to make time for urself <3 if everything gets to be too much and your GPA or mental health is being damaged don't feel ashamed of getting a schedule change.

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