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How does one get inspiration to start personal projects?

Any advice on starting passion projects and getting inspiration for projects, specifically STEM projects? I want to major in computer science and I want to start a project regarding science and technology, but I am having a hard time getting ideas.


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If computer science is something you're interested in, I think you should consider starting to code an app or a website... for teaching science, for example! (that's a way to relate the two) or you could make animated videos to explain complex topics in science and technology! Or found a non-profit to introduce technology in some schools that haven't access to it. These are just examples to help...

To get inspiration, I think you should sit down in a room with a pen and a blank sheet of paper and just write down the things you love and the things you know how to do, and then try to find how you could link both.

For me, as I like computer science and am very concerned about ecology, I'm coding an app for the ecology club of my school.

Hope this helped!


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