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AP Classes in Nigeria, Where?

Hello 👋, I'm David Otegbola, a Grade 10 student at a high school in Nigeria. I hoping to get admission to a good college in U.S but I'm worried about the AP classes because it is not offered in my area. I also don't think it is offered any where in Nigeria. Please, What can I do about it?

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Hi David. Sorry if this answer is coming too late. American Christian Academy in Ibadan, Oyo State, is an AP/College Board test center offering AP classes, exams, and SAT. You might want to check them out as they may be able to help you, especially in getting into a good U.S. college. The school currently has five students (out of 7 in the 12th-grade class) taking AP and going to study in the US in September 2023. Best of luck!

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I'll be honest, when you apply to a top US college from an African nation, it's very difficult to get admitted because the number of years of compulsory education and the course rigor are very different. I've read about some Nigerian students getting admitted to top US colleges but they usually go to a post graduate academy for a year or two to take harder courses like AP or IB ones. Or they self study for AP / IB exams using a tutor.

International Baccalaureate Schools in Nigeria:

American International School of Lagos

British Nigerian Academy

Greensprings School, Lagos

Ibadan International SchooL

The International School of IITA

AP Coursework in Nigeria

Nigeria, Abuja American International School of Abuja

Nigerian AP Tutors


2 years ago

👋 Hello David,

You have no need to worry. Colleges in the U.S. will not reject you because of where you live and the fact that your school doesn’t offer AP classes. Colleges evaluate you based on how you performed in the context of your school. This means that they will look at what your high school has to offer and what you did with it. So don't worry about the fact that you don't have access to AP classes, just focus on taking the most advanced classes that are available to you, doing your best in school and pursuing your interests.


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