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Is hiring a College Admissions Consultant worth it?

I'm a junior from a large public school, and I was wondering if i should hire someone to help me with the admissions process when the time is available for me to do so. I wanted to know if it was something that would be beneficial to when i apply.

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2 years ago[edited]

Yes and No.

It depends on what your college goals are, how much time you are willing to put into tweaking your narrative and whether you can afford one.

For students/parents who are vying to get into the Ivy League/Elites/Top LACs it might be totally worth it even if it costs $10-25,000. Why because if they can afford the $350,000 4 year cost, it's important to them. They can justify the expense because perhaps status, prestige and bragging rights are priorities. Keep in mind you are junior so you only have a maximum of 7-9 months before your applications are due so your focus will be tweaking/polishing/refining not creative a whole new narrative or "spike" activity. Most super serious families bring on college consultants as early as the end of middle school so that the full 4 years of HS is planned with contingencies and alternatives if the student doesn't keep up.

If you are planning on going to a State University or not too competitive Private, hiring a college consultant at this stage might not be that practical or helpful.

There are qualified people who are knowledgeable and helpful you can hire on a hourly basis with a retainer like an attorney. Expect to pay $150-$200 an hour for good one. It's entirely possible that they can give you full assessment for a 1/2 day to full days work and make some very good recommendations for you in order to avoid pitfalls and other college options you were not aware of.

Good luck.

2 years ago

Hi Lydia, I would recommend you check this website out: https://www.matriculate.org/

Just make sure you're class of 2023.

They are an organization that offers advisors in the application process for low-income high achieving students. Free of cost. I have an advisor right now and she has truly been a great help before, during, and after the application process.

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